The project management committee has overall oversight over project guidance and implementation strategy. Its key responsibilities are:

  • Provide overall guidance and direction to the project ensuring it remains within any specified constraints;
  • Address project issues as raised by the Project Manager;
  • Provide guidance and agree on possible countermeasures/management actions to address specific risks;
  • Agree on Project Manager’s tolerances as required;
  • Review the Project Progress Report and provide direction and recommendations to ensure that the agreed deliverables are produced satisfactorily according to plans.
  • Review Combined Delivery Reports (CDR) prior to certification by the Implementing Partner;
  • Provide ad-hoc direction and advice for exception situations when project manager’s tolerances are exceeded;
  • Assess and decide on project changes through revisions;

The Project Steering Committee meets twice a year to review progress in the implementation of the project and solicit guidance from other partners as relevant. It will consist of the Ministry of Health Ghana Health Service Environmental Protection Agency UNDP WHO Ministry of Environment Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (External Resource Mobilisation unit (ERM) and other relevant stakeholders. The project steering committee is chaired by the Ministry of Health. Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide high level orientation and guidance for the project:
  • Review and approve annual work plans quarterly work plans and budgets submitted by the Programme
  • Review quarterly and annual reports prepared by the Project Manager before submission
  • Make policy and operational decisions affecting overall project implementation identify problems and recommend solutions for the Development.